‘Tuition unnecessary to score with flying colours’ 

SIBU, Mar 16: Going for tuition is unnecessary to score with flying colours in the public examinations.

For Erica Ling Kai Shi and Joyce Hu Xin Enn of SMK St. Elizabeth who respectively obtained 11A+ and 10A+ in the 2016 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination, paying attention in class was the most important thing to do.

Both when met by reporters after receiving their result slips at their school today, said students must do their own notes instead of buying them from bookshops.

“Pay attention in class and when you go home, recall what you have studied and make your own notes according to your own style. Sometimes, the handwriting is unreadable but because it is your own notes, you can understand it,” said Hu.

“Students must be diligent in doing their homework and when in doubt, they should not hesitate to ask their friends,” said Ling, who dislikes to memorise things.

Ling who normally studied on her own, liked to play badminton with friends and was not pressured by her parents to study.

“Yes, they did remind me from time to time but never pressured me to study,” added Ling, who loves Physics and aims to study civil engineering or mechanical engineering.

Hu who was not really into sports, sang in a choir and she likes Biology. She has not decided what she wants to study after this.

Both will enter Form Six while waiting for the results of their applications to enter a local university or college.

If they are successful in their applications, they will not sit for the STPM, saying it would be hard to score, especially in the General Knowledge subject.

Asked about their reaction to their SPM results, both said they were surprised as they did not expect their results to be that good.

 “I had told my mother not to expect a very good result. I thought I would get 7As, so this is really a surprise to me and my mother,” said Ling, whose father is a shipping executive and her mother, a teacher.

Hu said her mother, also a teacher, was delighted with her results, adding, “She knew I could do it but she was surprised with my achievement which according to her, was beyond her expectation.”

She had texted her father, who is a terminal manager at an oil and gas company in Tanjung Manis, her SPM results.

Ling scored A+ in Bahasa Melayu, English, History, Moral Education, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounting, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Chinese Language.

Hu scored A+ in Bahasa Melayu, English, History, Moral Education, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Chinese Language.

— Bernama

(The Malaysian Times)


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