VP Jusuf Kalla To Lead Hasyim Muzadi’s Funeral Service  

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vice President Jusuf Kalla is set to lead the funeral service of KH Hasyim Muzadi on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The service will be held in the Al-Hikam Islamic Boarding School complex located at Beji Depok.

“Pak Jusuf Kalla will lead the funeral service for KH Hasyim Muzadi in Depok,” says VP Spokesperson Husain Abdullah, on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Hasyim Muzadi passed away on Thursday morning in the age of 72 years old at Lavalette hospital in Malang, East Java. Hasyim Muzadi is a figure that once held a position as PBNU Chairman during the 1999-2010 period, who is currently still listed as a member of the Presidential Advisory Board. His body will be flown from Malang at noon.

Husain added that Hasyim Muzadi was a well-respected Ulama and a close friend for Jusuf Kalla. “Pak Jusuf Kalla together with the nation felt a deep loss following his passing, [KH Hasyim Muzadi] is so loved and respected as a calm Ulama,” Husain said.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Husain added, offers his deepest condolences to the passing of a great figure. He says that Hasyim Muzadi was an individual that had a moderate view, his teachings and manners were an example for the community as a whole. “Other than that, [Hasyim Muzadi] was an Ulama that had a courageous attitude,” Husain said.





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