Chrome Will Throttle Background Tabs To Reduce Power Consumption

Chrome is a resource hog; and this is no secret to anyone who uses the browser. However, the upcoming version 57 aims to change that by throttling individual background tabs.

This will be done by limiting the timer rate to once per second. The developers are hoping that this will reduce the CPU load down to an average of 1 percent. At least for tabs operating in the background. Tabs that are playing music or maintaining real-time connections will not be affected by this new policy.

Google had originally developed Chrome for speed and security. While it has maintained a reasonable security record, the speeds of the browser have suffered greatly.

In its current state, Chrome consumes far more CPU cycles than any other major browser. This unfortunately leads to performance dips, and also has a negative effect on battery life. Theoretically, throttling background tabs will lead to better performance and longer batteries. Especially for people who have a habit of leaving a lot of tabs open.

[Source: Chromium]



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