Celcom’s MyCelcom Postpaid App is Now Available for All, Coming Soon to App Store

It looks like Celcom has finally officially launched its MyCelcom Postpaid app. The app was first opened for limited beta testing in September last year, and appeared in the Google Play Store in December 2016 as an unreleased app that may be unstable. The app is finally ready for everyone to use in the Play Store, and is coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Just like other telco apps, MyCelcom Postpaid lets you see your account details, track and monitor your usage, make payments, and discover additional exclusive offerings from the telco.

Home will show you your profile information. From there, you can manage your account settings, and check your total outstanding bill all under one easily accessible tab. To check your billing history, pay bills and buy add-ons, just tap on the My Services tab. Finally, the Usage tab lets you track your data, calls & SMS, and roaming usage.

For first time users, after you download the app, you will need to log into your account. Just key in your mobile number and request for a TAC. You can also use your existing Celcom Online Customer Service (OCS) account to log in. If you have multiple numbers registered under your identification number, you can view your other accounts by clicking on the dropdown menu next to your mobile number on the title bar at the top of the app; a TAC is required for authorisation.

MyCelcom Postpaid is available for all Celcom users. Downloads are free however, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, your mobile data will be used for the download. There are no internet charges when you use the app with your Celcom number.

The MyCelcom Postpaid app is now available for Android devices, and is listed as “coming soon” for iOS users. Check out Celcom now for more information about the app.



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