Get ready for interactive VR TV

At SXSW on Tuesday, Canadian virtual reality production studio UNLTD gave attendees a first taste of a new show called Trinity.

Set to consist of five 15-minute episodes, Trinity promises never-before-seen levels of interactivity. Viewers will be able to move around within each frame of the production making it a true televisual first – even if viewers will require a proper VR headset in order to watch it in 360°.

“To produce Trinity, UNLTD developed a proprietary camera in order to capture and create a truly interactive entertainment experience,” explained John Hamilton, UNLTD CEO. “Using volumetric, 360° and live-action technologies, we are able to allow viewers to move around within an episode of Trinity in a way that hasn’t been seen before in virtual reality.”

Set in a future where the human race has been wiped out, Trinity follows the last survivors left standing on Earth as they battle for their freedom from an overlord created by the same singularity that hastened humans’ demise.

Watch the teaser trailer. —  AFP Relaxnews



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