I don’t want to give attention to this “gila fella”, Wee slams DAP MP 

Posted: 1:21 pm, March 15, 2017 by editor
KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 15: MCA Deputy President, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has slammed DAP for wanting MCA to declare their assets, asking them to first declare theirs before nosing into other parties.

“You (Lim Lip Eng) say that you want to know how much, you yourself have to declare how much was have given.

“MCA has been there for Chinese schools, MCA has been there to help, you know how many LPS (Lembaga Pegurus Sekolah) from MCA from day one until now.

“I don’t think they (DAP) are qualified to mention even when they have not given 10 sen and they use the Millo tin to collect money for their service center,” said Dr Wee to reporters at the Parliament lobby here today.

This comes after Lim demanded that MCA declare their assets on what has been used by the party to help the Chinese vernacular schools.

Dr Wee said that MCA was responsible University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and questioned if DAP knew how much money MCA had spent from day one till now.

The Minister from the Prime Ministers Department then said that many opposition leaders have graduated from UTAR them-self.

“So if you want to ask question be specific, I don’t want to give attention to this “gila fella”.

“If its their party and they want to declare is different.

“We (MCA) all know what we are doing, so I just say a simple thing, declare how much you have collected for the community using the Milo tin campaign that’s all,” said Dr Wee

“Have you seen any MCA leader saying that “I want to get funds for my service center”, nonsense.

“Just name what are the projects they (DAP) have given money, you want somebody to answer questions, you answer for yourself first.

“They have not even built one kindergarten, we have built to big Universities, but have they done anything the answer is so simple and straight forward,” Dr Wee chided.

Dr Wee said if MCA has a donation drive it is definitely for a good cause like Chinese schools.

“Sometimes we raise one or two million to help and we use our money our opposition leaders how much have they spent,I tell you they will be embarrassed, this is what I have to say.

“So just do what you feel is good for the community just do it, why bother about other parties it will be shameful for them,” said Dr Wee.

(The Malaysian Times)


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