Noh warns Umno folk of party enemies 

Posted: 10:27 am, March 14, 2017 by editor
JELEBU, Mar 14: Umno members have been urged to strengthen solidarity to ensure survival of the party.

Umno Supreme Council member Tan Sri Noh Omar said, right now, the party was facing lies and allegations, which were hurled by its enemies with only one aim – to weaken the party.

“If we want to win big in the next general election, we have to have strong foundation, which is our solidarity.

“If you want Umno to retain power, we have to stay united with our party leadership,” he said during the simultaneous opening of the meetings of Jelebu Umno branches in Simpang Pertang here last night.

Also present were Jelebu Umno chief Datuk Jalaluddin Alias, who is also Simpang Pertang assemblyman, and 1,080 Umno members.

Jelebu Umno has 56 branches.–Bernama

(The Malaysian Times)


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