Porcine delights

At Naughty Nuri’s, pork is all you should be thinking about, talking about and eating. The pork-centric restaurant was established in Bali in 1995, and launched its first Malaysian outlet in Desa Sri Hartamas in 2014.

Now the brand has four outlets – the other outposts are in Life Centre Kuala Lumpur, Atria Shopping Gallery in Petaling Jaya and SS15 Courtyard in Subang Jaya.

The restaurant’s specialty remains its signature pork ribs, and the Malaysian outlets collectively sell 15 tonnes of pork ribs a month, while globally the brand has sold over three million ribs!

This March (March 1 being National Pig Day in the United States), the eatery is taking its obsession with pork to new levels, with the launch of its Naughty Porky Fest, with highlights that include new additions to its menu, the expansion of its popular snout-to-tail Sunday buffet and a social media-driven challenge.

The lavender pork salad (RM25) is one of the new additions, a delicious porky offering accentuated by tinges of lavender.

Group executive chef Eddy Wong came up with the dish in homage to the time he spent working in Germany, where he tended to his own edible garden.

“It’s not very common to use edible flowers in food here, but I wanted to extract the flavour from the lavender and use a little bit of the essence,” he says.

If you’re after a salad with a slight twist, the lavender pork salad offers lavender undertones amidst lots of crispy pork pieces.

Another interesting menu addition is the Asian roast pork burger (RM32) which is entombed in a charcoal bun with a fruit croquette and topped with burnt sea coconut mayonnaise. The pork belly in this concoction is crispy and delightful, as it has been marinated for 16 hours before roasting. The sea coconut mayonnaise and fruit croquette balance out the richness of the pork with tropical undertones and a touch of acidity.

The Balinese-inspired pork wings (RM21), on the other hand, champion a little-used part of the pig – the bit that connects the baby back ribs and the animal’s shoulder and is full of collagen. Wong braises the pork wings before deep-frying it and tossing it in a sauce. As a result, the pork wings are addictive little treats.

The pork wings are a new addition to the menu and are essentially the part of the pork that connects the ribs and the shoulder.

Then there is the snout-to-tail buffet, an eat-all-you-can affair that was originally held every Sunday at Naughty Nuri’s in Life Centre Kuala Lumpur, but has now expanded to the outlets in Atria Shopping Gallery and SS15 Courtyard. The buffet’s main feature is Bali’s famous babi guling, as well as the signature BBQ spare ribs and flamed, glazed iberico (which isn’t available on the regular a la carte menu).

The buffet is priced at RM49.90++, and according to Wong, although the current menu doesn’t fully live up to the snout-to-tail concept (it only offers safer options like ribs and loin), he is planning to introduce more exotic parts – like deep-fried pig ears, pig tail curry and crispy pig stomach – in stages.

The satay lilit is another Balinese-inspired crowd favourite at Naughty Nuri’s.

“Pig tail and ear are not easy things to introduce to customers. When I say to my friends, ‘Eh, try some pig ear,’ they go, ‘Eeek!’. So I’ll have to introduce the ‘spare parts’ slowly – over the next three months,” he says. There’s one pig component that Wong says definitely won’t be on the snout-to-tail menu: pig’s blood! “I don’t think pig’s blood will ever make it on the menu lah. For me, it’s too exotic and it’s very hard to educate people about this,” he says.

Eddy Wong

Naughty Nuri’s is also running a month-long competition this March. To participate in the Snort-Snort Challenge, customers have to upload a video recording of themselves attempting to snort like a pig onto their Instagram and Facebook accounts and winners will be determined by the most likes. Diners who participate in the contest in the restaurant automatically get a RM1 ribs vouchers, which basically entitles them to ribs for the princely sum of RM1 (with a minimum spend of RM150).

Cash prizes of RM2,500, RM1,500 and RM1,000 will be awarded to the top three winners and all three will also get six months of free ribs (one per month).

Going forward, Naughty Nuri’s is widening its presence in Asia, with outlets planned for Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and China, most of them to open by yearend.

“Naughty Nuri’s came from a very small place. But when you go to the outlet in Bali, you’ll see tourists from all over the world there. We are the master licensee for the brand, and we want to introduce it all over Asia,” says Wong.

* Naughty Nuri’s
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