Attempt to smuggle stolen car foiled by army personnel

RAMD personnel guarding the car, which was the one reported missing in Kota Samarahan on Sunday.

KUCHING: The 13th Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD) stopped an attempt to smuggle a stolen car across the Indonesian border during ‘Ops Serkap’ on Sunday.

During the operation, the lone driver of the vehicle was flagged down by army personnel along a ‘jalan tikus’ (back road) some 200m away from the Malaysia-Indonesia border.

Realising this, the driver sped off into a nearby oil palm plantation but the sudden turn resulted in the vehicle getting stuck in the mud.

This prompted him to abandon the car and run away.

After some checking, the RAMD personnel discovered that the vehicle was the one reported missing in Kota Samarahan earlier that day.

A police report was lodged and the car was handed over to the Bau District police headquarters.

The seizure was estimated to be worth around RM30,000.

Meanwhile, the 13th RAMD are still keeping close tabs on every possible ‘jalan tikus’ believed to be the routes used by smugglers to bring stolen vehicles and illegal goods into Kalimantan, Indonesia.

(BorneoPost Online)


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