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The modern urbanite has an instantly recognisable catchphrase – “I’m busy”. It’s less a lament than a reality of contemporary living – there just isn’t enough time to do all the things that we would like to do and live life to the fullest.

Which is why we all need a little help. Whether it’s the food delivery website that brings home-cooked meals to your doorstep or the app that runs your errands for you, every little bit of assistance counts.

Which makes the Panasonic High Power Blender a really smart investment.

Cooking and the art of cooking has evolved, and people no longer have the luxury to pound ingredients in old-fashioned pestles and mortars.

The key components that most home cooks look for these days are all borne out of necessity. Everyone wants convenience, expedience, ease of use and increasingly – multi-tasking capabilities, all of which add up to one thing: the recipe for a successful kitchen appliance.

One blender that does it all

A powerful motor and dual six-blade system put the Panasonic High Power Blender in a class of its own. The powerful blender – we’re talking about 1,200W – gets things right from the beginning.

The Panasonic High Power Blender may look like a regular blender, but this is where looks can be deceiving.

Then, let’s talk about the cutting-edge machinery – the unique dual six-blade system. This beauty has upper blades with straight edges for rough cutting and lower blades with jagged edges for fine cutting.

What this means in reality is that the two types of blades work together harmoniously – sort of like a tag team – to deliver ultra smooth results.

Health nuts do take note: this machine makes whole fruits and vegetable juice, fibre and all, that’s so smooth it’s almost creamy.

If you prefer to drink your food, the Panasonic High Power Blender is your best friend.

Top it off with a 1,800ml jug, and there is capacity to make a lot of food, quickly, to feed a large horde of family and friends.

These days, you really expect your kitchen tools to accomplish more than a single task, because you don’t want lots of different equipment cluttering up your already minimal living quarters.

The more things one machine can do, the better. In this regard, the Panasonic High Power Blender is an undisputed winner!

Six pre-sets

The blender is equipped with six pre-programmed settings, which can be activated by pressing the one appropriate to your needs. So if you’re aiming to make a juice, you can just press the juice option and your juice will be ready in approximately 1.5 minutes!

Soup-er blender

There are also settings for making smoothies and soups – which only require you to put your ingredients in and press the requisite setting. The blender then intuitively begins first chopping the ingredients before gradually increasing the speed for smooth end results.

Satin-smooth baby food

For harried mothers of young babies, the puree function is ideal for making baby food as it purees ingredients at a low speed for satin-smooth, creamy end results that will prove so addictive, you’ll want to sneak some of your baby’s food into your own meal!

A powderful friend

If you’re a coffee or nut fiend, the Hyperblender’s pre-programmed function will be exactly the sort of thing you won’t be able to live without in your kitchen. The nut and coffee grinding function finely grinds nuts and coffee beans into powder, so you won’t have to go through the hassle (and expense) of purchasing a grinder just for this one task.

The ice jacket helps keep juices and frozen treats as icy cold as possible.

Ice ice baby

If – like the popular Disney cartoon Frozen – you too like icy-cold treats – test out the frozen setting, which blends frozen ingredients to the optimal texture and consistency.

An added bonus? The blender has an ice jacket, which helps prevent juices and frozen treats from becoming too warm, as a result of the friction caused by the blades.

So you won’t have to break a sweat – and neither will your cold ingredients!

Custom blend

If you’re wondering what else you can get out of your High Power Blender, here’s an additional feature you can’t help but love!

The 10-step manual setting and pulse button allows users to manually adjust the speed, according to the recipe or preference, which is great if you have a desired texture that you want to achieve.

The pulse button lets you continuously monitor the blending process of your ingredients and stop it as and when required.

The Panasonic High Power Blender is priced at RM1,699, which is a bargain considering it’s the sort of kitchen superhero that multi-tasks so effectively, you literally have nothing to do but watch the blender do the work for you.

And let’s be real – what else could you ask for in a blender?

For more information about the Panasonic High Power Blender, go to or head to your nearest Panasonic dealer.



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