When pau meets loh mai kai

A FRIEND of mine was surprised when I told him I had never heard of gai wo bao (Cantonese for chicken nest bun) before.

The next thing I knew, we were on our way to try it at Clan Restaurant in Jalan Radin Anum 1, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant also has a wide variety of dim sum, such as siew mai and har gao.

Gai wo bao is the perfect choice for people who cannot decide if they want a pau (steamed bun) or a loh mai kai (glutinous chicken rice), because it is like a marriage of the two.

The bun is full of flavour – the soft and warm pau skin seals in the glutinous rice soaked in the flavours of chicken and gravy.

And there is also Chinese mushroom and some other ingredients not found in a regular loh mai kai, like onions and salted eggs.

It can be quite filling having the bun on your own, so sharing it is advisable.

Gai wo bao is like a combination of a Chinese steamed bun and glutinous chicken rice — Photos: LEE CH EN YOONG/The Star Th

The restaurant also has black pepper chicken pau, which I think deserves a special mention.

It was another first for me, considering I have never had a pau with such stuffing before.

The taste of the black pepper chicken is spot-on – similar to what you get when ordering an ala carte black pepper chicken dish at Chinese restaurants.

Besides the bun, the restaurant also serves a variety of dim sum favourites.

A variety of steamed and fried dishes to satisfy supper cravings.

From siew mai and har gao to fried dishes such as salad prawn and wu kok (yam puffs) to chee cheong fun and porridge.

Another thing worth noting about the place is that it is open daily, from 7pm all the way to 3pm the next day.

Since I can never wake up in time for a taste of dim sum in the morning, I find shops like this to be a real blessing.

It is perhaps also an ideal place for night owls to hang out at, especially when they get a sudden craving for dim sum in the middle of the night.

In fact, when we arrived for supper at about 9pm, the place was relatively empty.

A worker told me that the crowd comes in later, and many of them would have “had a few drinks” elsewhere.

Whichever group you belong to, you are bound to get your midnight cravings sated here.



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