The rear seat kicker is the worst!

Keep your knees and feet to yourself. That’s the overarching message from Expedia’s latest etiquette survey which identified the rear seat-back kicker as the most annoying type of flier.

It’s bad news for long-legged travellers who fly economy and those who sit in front of them. A full 64% of respondents cited the rear seat kicker as the most offensive in-flight “etiquette violator”.

Pollsters also asked respondents to weigh in on the controversial subject of seat reclining, and found that 37% of Americans would choose to ban it altogether or restrict the practice on short-haul flights.

More than half (53%) of travellers said they recline their seats, while about a quarter (23%) said they refrain because they deem it “improper etiquette”.

The poll surveyed 1,005 Americans on their biggest in-flight pet peeves.

Oh no, she didn’t!

Here are the results:

1. The Rear Seat Kicker

2. Inattentive Parents

3. The Aromatic Passenger

4. The Audio Insensitive

5. The Boozer

6. Chatty Cathy

7. The Queue Jumper

8. Seat-Back Guy

9. The Armrest Hog

10. Pungent Foodies

11. The Undresser

12. The Amorous

13. The Mad Bladder

14. The Single and Ready to Mingle – AFP Relaxnews



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