Siti Aisyah identified as resident of Pabuaran sub-district

Serang, Banten (ANTARA News) – Siti Aisyah, who was arrested by the Malaysian authorities for her alleged involvement in the murder of Kim Jong Nam at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, has been identified as a resident of Pabuaran sub-district, Banten province.

“Yes, she is a resident here. This is her mothers house, but she left for Jakarta a while ago. From what I have heard, she works in a garment factory,” Risam, who is the head of RT 11 RW 03 Rancasumur neighborhood, Pabuaran sub-district in Serang, capital of Banten province, told ANTARA on Friday.

Siti Aisyah is the youngest of the three children of mother Benah and father Asria.

Both her older siblings, Nasrudin and Wahidin, have families of their own and live in a different village.

“I do not know her too well since she rarely ever visited here after she started working in Jakarta. Her mother often visits her in Jakarta. I have also heard that she moved to Batam for another job,” Risam informed.

Antara observed that a number of local residents and media persons had converged at their yellow painted house, but the doors were tightly shut. A neighborhood head said Siti Aisyahs parents have refused to be interviewed.

He explained that Siti Aisyahs parents have admitted that the woman arrested by the Malaysian authorities is indeed their daughter.

However, they refused to believe reports that their daughter had been involved in the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong-uns stepbrother since she is believed to be working in Batam.

“I saw her father in my house during a prayer event. He was shocked to receive a phone call informing him that her daughter had been arrested in Malaysia. He immediately returned home after that,” Risam noted.(*)



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