Samsung Galaxy S7 could be coming in Glossy Black

If you are planning to get a shiny new smartphone, you might want to wait a little as Samsung is rumoured to be working on another colour variant for the Galaxy S7. 

The Korean Herald reported that the electronic giant is planning to release a “Glossy Black” colour option next month, just in time for the holiday sales. 

The Galaxy S7 is already available in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx. Earlier this month, Samsung released the Coral Blue version of the Galaxy S7 Edge. 

Even if the rumour turns out to be true, at this point we don’t know if the Glossy Black version will be limited to only some countries. 

The report also highlighted that over 15,000 units of the Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge have been sold since the release on Nov 11.


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