Owners say medical marijuana works on furry friends 

Florida is now one of many states where medical marijuana is allowed for people, but what about pets? Some say pot-based products are working wonders for their ailing furry friends.

“It’s my friend’s dog that I’m taking care of and he has trouble going up the stairs,” Yesikka Vivancos said.

Vivancos says the solution for Rock, an 11-year-old bulldog, is in a little jar.

“I just put it on his hind legs just like you would put it on your knee,” she said.

She applies a cannabis-based cream, which she also uses on her 10-year-old miniature Dachshund, Leia.

“I would find her under my bed. She wouldn’t jump, she wouldn’t get on the couch, she wouldn’t climb up her steps on my bed. She wouldn’t want to go walking,” Vivancos said.

Leia has arthritis on her hinds.

“I thought maybe if I could just give her a massage and I did. I started noticing that there wasn’t a pause, that she was continuing to walk, she was always jumping,” Vivancos said.

More and more people believe cannabis-based products containing little to no THC are making their pets feel better, without the high. The hemp can be found in creams, chews and treats.

“Industrial hemp products differ in that they have a very low percentage of THC, but they have higher percentage of other things,” said Dr. Ian Kupkee of Sabal Chase Animal Clinic.

Dr. Kupkee says cannabis-based products are illegal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

“So we’re put in this very difficult situation,” he said.

Dr. Kupkee says because of government restrictions on marijuana derived products, it’s impossible to scientifically say if hemp heals. The evidence is all anecdotal, and pet lovers like Vivancos don’t believe that should be dismissed.

“It doesn’t hurt. It’s not going to hurt the dog. They’re not gonna get high. They’re not gonna have munchies, they’re just gonna be alleviated of pain,” she said.

The cream Vivancos used is for people and has very low THC. There are similar products specifically for pets but you won’t find any vets recommending or prescribing them, but they can be found online. – nbcmiami.com

Source: http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Pets-on-Pot-Owners-Say-Medical-Marijuana-Works-on-Furry-Friends-401819415.html#ixzz4QLlfFzat

(The Malaysian Times)


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